Rak5005-O + Rak1920 + Rak1910 + Rak18001 + External button

Is it possible to configure it with Rak5005-O with a Rak1920 plus a Rak1910 GMSS, a Rak18001 buzzer and a external momentary push button?

I want that when I push the button the buzzer sounds and the GMSS send its location data to the Helium network through LoRaWan.

I am wondering where to conecct the push button.


Welcome to RAK forum @ccintron ,

Your idea of combining RAK1920+RAK1910+RAK18001 is fine. You just need to take note that RAK1910 already uses UART so it is recommended to use external sensors peripherals that doesn’t use UART. I2C is best.

For LoRaWAN button, please have a look on this two detailed tutorial:

LoRa Button using RAK Developer GW
LoRa Button using RAK Edge GW

Thanks for your response. I am considering using instead the Grove 12 Key Capacitive I2C Touch Sensor v2 (MPR121) connected to the Rak1920. Will this touch sensor be able to work with the other sensor without any incompatibility?

Thanks a lot.

That Grove module is I2C so you will not have any problem combining it with RAK1910 and RAK18001 :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your assistance.