RAK5010 BG96 Fimrware upgrade

Issue: Need to upgrade BG96 firmware

Setup: RAK5010

Details: Is there any way I can upgrade the firmware for BG96? I have already obtained the necessary files from Quectel.

The upgrade is needed for me to use QuecLoactor services from Quectel.

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Hi @rajendran,

You can follow this guide on using J-link https://docs.rakwireless.com/Product-Categories/WisTrio/RAK5010/Quickstart/#burning-the-firmware

If you have no J-link, you can also try to use OpenOCD. This one uses Raspberry Pi https://www.rototron.info/circuitpython-nrf52840-dongle-openocd-pi-tutorial/

Hi Carl,

Is this for NRF52 firmware or for BG96? From the guide, it shows you need to select NRF52, will it be burning the BG96 fimrware into NRF52? Correct me if im wrong.

it is for the NRF52.

Hi Carl,

So there is no way to upgrade BG96 firmware?

Sorry. I read it wrong. It was the BG96 you are interested in.

Have you looked at this post by one of our engineers How to upgrade the firmware of BG96 on itracker module??

Another way is to have access to the USB port of BG96 by moving some smd resistors. The schematic is here https://docs.rakwireless.com/Product-Categories/WisTrio/RAK5010/Datasheet/#electrical-characteristics.

When you got USB access, I believe can try to QFlash PC software tool. More info can be found on Quectel website and forum. I haven’t personally tried this but I hope all this info can help you.