RAK5010 BLE firmware

Issue: Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) Tool



As I have reviewed all the firmware update methods, the .zip file uploaded through BLE is the easiest. This is the only wireless solution.
Can I modify the DFU .zip package using the RUI, or can I generate one?
My question is that if I modify the factory firmware using the RUI,
how can i create a similar DFU .zip package?
Is there a solution for this?

thanks for the help.


Hi @JozsiKa ,

When you use the RUI V2 compiler, it will automatically generate the DFU package for you. I always use BLE DFU as well as I find it easier without the need of extra tools.

Btw, we are working in the RUI V3 and RAK5010 is also supported. This will be not online now so compilation and development will be much quicker. There is no official date of release for RAK5010 yet but probably Q1 or Q2 this year.

Thanks for the help.
If I understand correctly, will the new RUI v3 version already include an offline programmer and compiler?
An installable format for windows, Linux, etc.?


Hello @JozsiKa ,
The RUI V3 will be installed on your Arduino IDE using Arduino Boards Manager.