Rak5010 could not get battery status

Hi, I am using rak5010 board. I am sending AT+CBC for detailed information about battery and charging status. However the charging flag always returns 0 whether I have the USB cable plugged in or not. Here is my AT command:
+CBC: 0.84.4120
The 0 in the first place should be 1 if charging or 2 if complete. 0 indicates no charge.
Thanks for everyone’s feedback

Hello @QuangPhuoc1998 , welcome to the forum.

The battery charging is done by an external charger chip, not by the BG96. So the BG96 doesn’t know the charging status.

See schematics for the RAK5010: RAK5010 WisTrio NB-IoT Tracker Pro Datasheet | RAKwireless Documentation Center

You can get the battery level with the command at+get_config=device:status