Rak5010 DFU over Bluetooth problem

Hi, I used example code for Rak5010 and compiled using online compiler. However when I try to update the module over BLE, I am getting this error. Could you help?

Hi @gonner ,

During what step on BLE DFU did you encounter this failure error? If you have the generated binaries, you can send it to me then I can try to upload it in my board.

I encountered the error when uploading the zip file. This step, according to this manual.

Please find the generated zip file here.

Your help is very much appreciated, thanks!!

Hi @gonner ,

Did you follow exactly each steps until page 10?

I tried the generated fw and it was uploaded successfully. I am not sure what is the functionality of that firmware though. I am using nRF Connect on my Samsung Note 20 Android phone.

Just to be sure you are uploading the right .zip.

It should be this.


This is the exact firmware you provided on your previous message link.

Thank you. Rookie mistake from me, I uploaded the wrong ZIP file. I was able to successfully flash the module.
However, I am now suddenly experiencing new issues:

  1. The RAK5010 doesn’t show up on the serial port or on the bluetooth scanner on NRF connect.
  2. The RST button doesn’t reset the module.
  3. While physically reconnecting the module to force a reset, it doesn’t boot up unless PWR button is long pressed.

I never faced these issues before, I am afraid it could be a hardware issue.
Could you please help? Please also let me know the right way to factory reset this physically.


Hi @gonner ,

I will suggest for you to upload the default firmware of RAK5010 from here.

I am not exactly sure on what firmware you previously uploaded so I think starting from the default firmware might be a good step.

Understood, but please note that I am unable to access the port as I previously mentioned. So I cannot upload the default firmware.

  1. The RAK5010 doesn’t show up on the serial port or on the bluetooth scanner on NRF connect.