RAK5010 Firmware replacement, debugging with RAKDAP1

Hi Everyone,

According to the documentation, RAKDAP1 is suitable for upgrading the RAK5010 motherboard firmware using pyOCD or similar.
Unfortunately, I did not find a suitable description for this, where the relevant information could be read in detail.
Also missing is how RAKDAP1 actually connects to RAK5010, the flash. There is only a UART connection where AT commands can be handled.
I haven’t even found out how to set up the RAK5010 for flash, or how it all goes from start to finish.
Has anyone flashed RAK5010 with RAKDAP1?
There are solutions with the Segger tool, but unfortunately I don’t have one. I would be very interested to know how to solve this RAKDAP1 flash and debug.
Can you help me with a more detailed description of what to add, what sw, maybe how to properly link the HW, what files are needed and where, etc.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Hello @JozsiKa
The pinout for the SWD interface is in our documentation for the RAK5010.

The principle how to flash a board with the RAKDAP1 is as well in our Documentation Center.

For now we do not have a tutorial how to use the RAKDAP1 for debugging.

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Hi Beegee,

thank you for your reply.

yes, I also saw only two problems with these dossiers.
The terminal on the RAK5010 data sheet is only the connection of the UART through which it can be controlled with AT commands. I use this too, it works very well. I don’t know if this is not suitable for firmware replacement in this form, I guess?

There are many boards in the RAKDAP1 documentation, only the RAK5010 is not included. You can still tell from that, because JTAG ports have to be used, we just can’t be sure. What seems to be a problem is that the RAKDAP1 operates at 3.3V GPIO. The JTAG port on the RAK5010 has a GPIO voltage of 1.8V for the nRF52840 and there is no Voltage-Level Translator on the port.
If I resolve to put a VLT between the RAKDAP1 and RAK5010 JTAG ports, will the firmware flash work?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Right, I forgot about the voltage level of RAK5010. That’s why it is not in the list and we propose only Jlink for firmware updates.

Not sure if the VLT would work. Worst case you kill the nRF52840.