RAK5010 GPS Latitude and longitude display format

Hi Everyone,

Is it possible to display the RAK5010 GPS format in several ways?

The BG96 GPS can display coordinates in 3 different formats.
Latitude and longitude display format.
0 , format: ddmm.mmmm N / S, dddmm.mmmm E / W
1 , format: ddmm.mmmmmm N / S, dddmm.mmmmmm E / W
2 , format: (-) dd.ddddd, (-) ddd.ddddd

The RAK5010 is factory set to use the first query, “0”.
My question would be where can I switch the sensor data to output the “2” format.

BG96 can be queried with the prefix AT + QGPSLOC = (0, 1, 2). How can I configure this in the firmware? Can anyone help with this?