Rak5010 is going to sleep no matter what

Issue: Rak5010 sleep issue

Setup: I am sending AT commands through USB, I have a 3.7V battery connected.

Details: The rak5010 goes to sleep even though I specify “at+set_config=device:sleep:0”, also it takes a long time to respond to most AT commands. It cannot get the SIM to connect to the network. Please help.

Welcome to RAK forum @gonner ,

On you RAK5010, were you able to send AT commands before? If you followed the quick start guide and enabled automatic sending interval, you have to disable it before it goes to sleep using at+set_config=cellular:send_interval:0:180000 command.

Thank you, lifesaver!

I have an additional doubt. I am using netcat for a tcp/ip connection that i can ping to from my Rak5010. However I am cannot sent any data over the internet as I have no dedicated IP. Please tell me how you emulated the server? Or if you have dedicated IP?

at+set_config=cellular: MOBILE:CMCC:CMNET:0

Hi @gonner ,

You have to setup based on your network operator (is it CHINA MOBILE?) and also have a dedicated IP for the endpoint server that will receive your data.

Thanks, got it. I can’t test due to no dedicated IP. I’m not using China Mobile, I have configured the command correctly to connect to my network.
Thanks again.

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