RAK5010 not detected on COM port

I tried to flash RAK5010 with jlink with https://github.com/RAKWireless/Arduino-on-Rak5010 application but it failed and now my device does not show in com port.

Is there any way to recover it?

Welcome to RAK forum @iconcreator .

You should be able to recover the device to have the original RAK firmware.

You can do it via jlink or bluetooth.

Please check the guide here RAK5010 Quick Start Guide | RAKwireless Documentation Center

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It seem board has some other problems. I can not connect it with JTAG as explained in Quick Start Guide.

I get this error in Log:

  • Connecting via USB to probe/ programmer device 0
  • Probe/ Programmer firmware: J-Link V11 compiled Jun 17 2021 16:42:11
  • Device “NRF52840_XXAA” selected.
  • Target interface speed: 4000 kHz (Fixed)
  • VTarget = 3.000V
  • InitTarget() start
  • InitTarget() end
  • InitTarget() start
  • InitTarget() end
  • ERROR: Failed to connect.
    Could not establish a connection to target