RAK5010 Power On

I’m trying to solve a different issue w/ the RAK5010 and power under a different Topic, however opened this thread to ask a question in a different way.

Is there anyway to always force the RAK5010 to power up when the USB Cable is plugged in? All my code is custom Arduino based code so I have complete control over what the CPU does when it started, however I need it to always start when the USB cable applies power to the device. Shouldn’t it work that way already?

Hi @InlineTechnology ,

I don’t understand the issue. Is the device not running with USB cable is connected? What do you mean with Is there anyway to always force the RAK5010 to power up?

Have you checked the initialization code here? Arduino-on-Rak5010-/Rak5010.ino at master · RAKWireless/Arduino-on-Rak5010- · GitHub

This is related to the other topic I posted about the SGP30. I’m not sure this is a problem, I was just asking to understand a bit more. Once the RAK5010 gets into the state of draining the battery w/ the SGP30 plugged in, even if I physically remove the SGP30 and then plug in the USB cable, it doesn’t boot until I press the PWR button (RST doesn’t work).

This topic can be closed, I’ll just use the other one relating to the SGP30.