RAK5010 R30/R31/R32/R33 Location

While trying to figure out how to make this device work I was looking at using the USB to talk to the BG96, the schematic on page 1 shows the USB going directly to the BG96 BUT it doesn’t. There are two resistors that have to be installed and two removed but since there is no silk screen there is no means to locate the resistors.
Where are the R30/R31/R32/R33 resistors? There are some pads above and to the right of the USB connector but those are 0201 pads, you don’t use 0201 parts to switch functions, that is insane.
What was the plan on upgrading the BG96 firmware?


The R30/R31/R32/R33 resistors are on the back of board, which are marked already. Just near the RAK5010 V2.0

Matters not, board is a dead item, not certified for Verizon, not usable.

Hi @airheadbit Please share some links or statement from Verizon about this! Here in Europe there is no need to have some certification to use your sim card for any device…

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