RAK5010 RUI Online compile Issue

Hello there :slight_smile:

I’m having issues when trying to compile custom firmware using the online RUI Compiler ( ) its just spinning and nothing is compiling.

Really annoying since I only need to add an “device id” to the payload in the official firmware.

Could someone help pointing me the right direction or even better, do someone already have an already compiled hex firmware that is generating a unique device id using nRF chip id or something?

Thank you all in advance

B.V. Jones

Hi. Same issue here with this compiler. I used couple of days ago successfully and after that the compiler started to not compile.

Try this link: https://build.rakwireless.com/#/user/login

I used to compile my firmware The compilation was succesfull.

Compiling file: app_usbd.c
Compiling file: app_usbd_core.c
Compiling file: app_usbd_serial_num.c
Compiling file: app_usbd_string_desc.c
Compiling file: app_usbd_cdc_acm.c
Compiling file: utf.c
Linking target: _build/nrf52_xxaa.out
make[1]: warning: jobserver unavailable: using -j1. Add ‘+’ to parent make rule.
text data bss dec hex filename
127104 4656 18132 149892 24984 _build/nrf52_xxaa.out
Preparing: _build/nrf52_xxaa.hex
Preparing: _build/nrf52_xxaa.bin
DONE nrf52_xxaa

Compilation was successful. Thank you for using RUI Online Compiler!


Hi @zjonesz This compiler is an old version you can use the latest version here https://build.rakwireless.com/

Please check it :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answer @velev, but i dont have firmware 3.x.x.14+.

I have firmware currently running on my RAK5010

When i compile this im getting “RUI_AT_RW_FLASH_ERROR” when trying to configure the device, is this the latest firmware (later than 3.x.x.10)?

Is the “RUI_AT_RW_FLASH_ERROR” a firmware bug or do I use wrong command when using the at commands? If so do you have an link where I can find the correct/updated at commands? :grinning:

Again thanks for your answer @velev :slightly_smiling_face:

B.V. Jones

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