RAK5010 Solar connector needed

The device arrived but I can’t find any information on P1, the solar connector. It will be next week before my SIM card shipment arrives from Verizon, so if anyone knows the type of connector I need to order let me know, Thanks

Digikey # 455-1377-ND for SHR-02V-S-B CONN HOUSING SH 2POS 1MM WHITE $0.10
Digikey #455-1561-1-ND for SSH-003T-PO.2 CONN SOCKET 28-32AWG CRIMP TIN $0.11
Digikey # 1528-1683-ND for TOOL HAND CRIMPER 20-32AWG PA09 $62

If this company couldn’t be bothered with providing information for a connector what chance do I have of getting the commands to use this device?

Hi @airheadbit Sorry for the late replay, but it is weekend :smiley: The connector for the solar panel is this type ZH1.5-2P

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