RAK5010 Soracom Japan

Hi all, I am wondering if anyone can assist me with verifying if the RAK5010 will work with
Soracom in Japan?

Hi @Kevin192291 ,

I supported a customer before who wants to use RAK5010 in Japan using Soracom network.

However, there is a specific firmware for BG96 that is designed for Soracom.


The BG96 in our RAK5010 do not have this firmware. You have to update it via Qflash tool from Quectel.

I see! Thanks for the update,
Does RAK supply a module that may be compatible out of the box by any chance???

I do see a few modules such as the:
RAK13101 or perhaps the RAK5860???

Hi @Kevin192291 ,

I am afraid we cannot customize it unless there is a big order from a customer. We do not touch the BG96 module in RAK5010, we only upload firmware on its nRF52 main MCU. Btw, RAK5010 will be supported by RUI3 soon. Customizing firmware will be a lot easier than RUI V2.

Regarding other modules:

RAK13101 - GSM module. I am not sure the infrastructure of Soracom still supports it.
RAK5860 - NB-IoT and LTE-M. Same above. I have no idea.

All these modules are based on Quectel. Maybe there are Japanese users in Quectel forum/community that can give some useful insights.

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