RAK5010 using Arduino framework

I wrote my own firmware using Adafruit nrf52 sw the variant that you provided and AT commands to communicate with BG96.
I am using uart in full duplex mode between nrf52 and BG96.
But sometimes, especially using commands like AT+QHTTPPOST or AT+QMTOPEN using ssl connection the modem hangs and the mcu doesn’t receive any response.
I am trying to debug this issue and I would like to have access to DBG port of BG96. On the schematic are reported that DBG_TX and DBG_RX are connected to TP2 and TP1, but I don’t know where these TPs are.
Can you help me indicating where the TPs are?
Has anyone tried to use Arduino framework for ssl http mqtt connections?


I am not clear about what structure of your code. Bur you can refer this:

Besides, the at of bg96 is very complex. So you should be careful the response time. Especially some at will response twice. For example, at+qiopen.

AT+QHTTPPOST will cost at most 125s.

You can use our code and try.

The position of TP1 and TP2 are shown in the following picture:image
they are near the USB connector, small and hard to solder wire on them, if you like, you can use BG96 USB interface, it also need so some rework on PCB.

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