RAK5146 as standalone gateway for heater controller

Ladies and Gentlemen!
An acquaintance has now ordered the RAK 5146 and would like to connect it to a microprocessor so that it can communicate with an old heating control system (church). We don’t want to use Rasperry in this case because it’s not available now. Can the RAK 5146 also be used with Lora-net /
sx1302 hal be smelled?
Are there any projects or guides on how to address the RAK5146 with other microprocessors?
It is clear that the received data string must be decoded / encrypted. I’ve seen this on a Rasperry and other LoraWan concentrators!
With best thanks.

Since the well-known one did not order a Pi-Hat, I would like to know whether the RAK2003 also works for RAK5146 (868, SPI, no GPS) (test with a recent Rasperry)?

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