RAK5146 Firmware / RPi Hat

Dear all,
I bought an RAK5146 USB with GPS / LBT - but did not yet find an official firmware.
Also, the miniPCI-Express USB interface does only expose the SX1303m but not the GPS and PPS signal - because there is none RPi Hat available yet.
I just wanted to ask when the official firmware will be available like on the RAK2287?

Thanks a lot!

So keep it up to date, here are my findings:

Bottom line: The RAK5146 seems to be not usable at the moment.

do you have any news for the SX1303?

I just received a kit with RAK2003 pi HAT ver B, a rak5146 and RAK2013 Cellular HAT and I also have a problem with the GPS.

### [GPS] ###
 # Invalid time reference (age: 1657546949 sec)
 # no valid GPS coordinates available yet

Is there a particular configuration for the global-conf.json for this pi hat?
I have already tried to change the “gsp_tty_path” from i2c-1 to ttyAMA0 but without result.


Yeah, I got it working. RAK did post a new firmware which I used successfully and now I am running on balena with the udp-packet-forwarder: https://github.com/RAKWireless/udp-packet-forwarder

The RAK5146 is doing GPS internally (if you have a RAK5146 with GPS), so your error would just mean that it has not yet gotten any GPS fix. The small antenna delievered with the RAK5146 was not enough to get it working in my home, so I installed an active antenna which is now sitting at the window and getting good GPS signal.

Regarding the RAK2003 pi HAT, I have no idea and none to test here (I used the RAK2287 Pi Hat which works without issues)

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