RAK5146 lost connection to server after few days

During last 5 years we activated about 100 GW with different version of RAK GWs modules. And all are working well. On this year we are installing other 50 with RAK5146. GWs starting correctly, connected to ChirpStack server. BUt after few days lost connections. Iàve check new version of SW configuration found that last now on global_config not exist parameter
“autoquit_threshold”: 6

On previous version that parameter are important - GWs can lost connection and then recognize it restore connection.
I’ve implemented this parameter but GW continue lost connection without automatically restore connection. I need manually restart TTN service (connection to our ChirpStack server). And it continue to work few days… But then once more lost connection…
Can be that in new SW version is not implemented because that parameter looks differently ? Or how that parameter should work ?
Please, help to solve that problem, becasue to check each days thoa new 50 GW for restore connection is nightmare

Hi @Nail, Can you reach us at [email protected]? We will need the logs from the gateways to check for the root cause.