RAK5148 on RAK7240

Hi all,

can the RAK5148 concentrator be mounted on an existing installation of the RAK7240/RAK2247 gateway/concentrator combo? can the two concentrator cohexist on the same gateway?


Hello @pico

The RAK5148 2.4GHz concentrator is not yet supported by WisGate OS. So it doesn’t work in the WisGate Edge devices (as far as I know).
You can use the RAK5148 in the developer gateways or (like me) using the RAK7391 WisGate Connect which has 2 PCIE slots for concentrators. I am using the WisGate Connect with a RAK5148 and a RAK2287 for 915Mhz.

Hi @beegee ,

Can the WisGate image be customized to run an application that interfaces with RAK5148 over USB? Is there a code base that shows how the RAK5148 can be used with RAK7391?

Thanks in advance.

(1) WisGate OS is preset in our factory and runs only on the WisGate Edge gateways. You cannot add support for the 2.4GHz concentrator to it.

(2) WisGate Connect RAK7391 runs RAKPiOS, which is basically a customized RaspberryPi OS.
The 2.4GHz concentrator code is in our Github repo for the concentrators with installation instructions for Docker