RAK5205 and RAK7258 won't stay connected after gateway power cycles

I have a RAK5205 sensor connected to a RAK7258 gateway. I am using confirmed messages by the following AT command:


However, if the gateway loses power and is turned back on, I no longer get any messages. Is there any way to fix this? If I deploy IOT devices that are hard to get to, I don’t want to have to reset them all if the gateway looses power or has to be restarted.

When you open the gateway again, the node will look for the corresponding frequency point when sending the data. Once the frequency point is successfully matched, the gateway will continue to receive the data. As shown in the figure, the error received before for the gateway is not open, and the confirmation packet will be sent after the corresponding success.

How long should this take? I waited a few minutes without any success.

I did some more testing. I turned on the gateway and turned on the sensor and verified they connected and sent data. I then turned the gateway off and then turned it back on.

I no longer get messages in the application live data view:

I see messages in the packet logger but do not find the ACK messages going out. (I have a picture but can only put one in per post.

Here is a picture of the logger without ACK messages:

You need to give orders


Check the interval between each time you send data and the time it takes to search for GPS to determine how long it takes you to receive data.

The data you get here must be transferred after you open the page. It does not save the data you sent before.

The data here proves that some data has been uploaded to the gateway, but you must make sure that your node three-parameter configuration is the same as the configuration in loraserver, otherwise you will only see this data in the gateway log.

First of all I turned the GPS off. I also have 30s send interval. I am not having problems with the device sending data. When I power both on and reset the sensor, I see data in both the packet manager and the application Live Device Data fields. I have a problem if the gateway is power cycled.

Yes, I understand it does not save data from before. I am saying that there are no ACK messages sent from the gateway after the gateway power cycles. This is a problem because now the sensor does not know the gateway is getting the data so it retries multiple times and uses more power.

The DevEui, AppEui, and AppKey are the same in the device and the gateway. Like I said above, I see data in the Application Live Data before the gateway power cycles.

Why would the gateway stop sending ACK messages after it power cylcles? That is the big question that I want an answer to.