RAK5205 change US915 to AS923

(Munpoh Lee) #1

How to change US915 to AS923. My gateway is AS923.

(Fomi Tong) #2

Hi, @leemunpoh

Power on RAK5205 and wait 30s, then use the AT command to change the frequency.
You can find the AT command manual here:
https://github.com/RAKWireless/RAK5205-WisTrio-LoRa/blob/master/doc/RAK811 Lora AT Command V1.4.pdf

(Munpoh Lee) #3

which pins should I change? Boot Jumper and other to program?

(wang) #4

Hi,@ leemunpoh

The latest manuals and firmware refer to :RAK5205_WisTrio_LoRa.

Change region with AT command after Initialization OK :at+band=AS923.

Update firmware method refer to : 6.4 chapter of RAK5205_User_Manual_V1.6.pdf

(Munpoh Lee) #5

Use the AT command but got error.

(Steven Tang) #6

please use this command.

#set Region ( Frequencry: US915/EU868/AU915/AS923/IN865/KR920 )

more command :smile:

(Munpoh Lee) #7

Still ERROR.

(Steven Tang) #8

Please dont add the \r\n . the tool will add automatically .