RAK5205 gasResistance range

Does anyone have information on what is the range of values that the RAK5205 provides for gasResistance. What are the minimum and maximum values?

Hei @fboesche

The BME itself is 50Ohm to 50 000KOhm+, so I would say you should have the value somewhere in between for your measurement.


Hi Vladislav
Thank you very much, however I am receiving reports with gasResistance values greater than 50Kohms:
(it does not have the dimensional, but the value is in kOhm)
“acceleration_x”: “0.037g”,
“acceleration_y”: “-0.043g”,
“acceleration_z”: “-1.006g”,
“altitude”: “1499.8m”,
“barometer”: 852.5,
“battery”: 4.13,
“gasResistance”: 94.61,
“humidity”: 32,
“latitude”: “14.5827 °”,
“longitude”: “-90.5507 °”,
“temperature”: 28.1

I think I have a wrong interpretation !!
You say 50 000KOhm equals 50MOhm?

No, no you are right I meant 50 to 50 000 Ohm.
Technically the value can go beyond, not specified how much.
Hmm… the BME datasheet claims that if you have good air, normal breathing conditions the value should be 50K and above, I wonder if 94K just means the air quality is very good.

Can you share me that datasheet where is the interpretation of the gasResistance values?