Rak5205 performance

Anybody used 5205 for real time monitoring of vehicles ? How much time does it take to lock on a satellite from a cold start and warm start ? How is the precision ?

Please share your experiences as we are looking to use this for a commercial project.

Hi @abhishek2101
I will make video tomorrow for timing. But from what i saw till now, it locks position very quickly and precise.

Todor Velev

Can you post the link to the video you are talking about.

Hi @abhishek2101
This is the link https://youtu.be/fJHxBynk3_w
Sorry for flickering of Current Ranger display. I cant manage to sync it with my camera.

Todor Velev

Hi @velev

Can I confirm with you (due to flickering) that the current consumption during GPS fix and radio transmission in the 30mAh +/- range ?


Yes, with everything ON, it is around 30 mA. And sleep current is 14 uA.

5205 does not have cellular so it cannot use gps assist. Does that not mean it will take long time to get a satellite fix ?

Yes, as we test in China, it will take almost 30s or longer to get satellite.

When you say longer, how long have you seen ?