RAK5205 + PlatformIO + Mac - Is it possible?

Hey all,
I have been working my way up the hardware chain from the RAK811 Breakout -> RAK811 WisNode and now to the RAK5205. I have updated the bootloader and the latest official firmware. This device looks way more USB friendly than the other boards. I need to add a little functionality to a GPIO pin and was hoping to do it in PlatformIO on the Mac. Thus far I have a MCCI OTAA project up and running, but I am unable to get the code loaded to the device.

If I am able to push code directly from PlatformIO to the RAK5205, I would be happy to make a demo project that loops in the ublox, MBE680 and the LID3DH. I think it would be a much more streamlined workflow vs the online compiler.

Any configuration help or boilerplate projects would be much appreciated,
Thank you,

Hi @megaplow,

I think it is possible, but we haven’t official solution about it yet. Sorry.

Thanks for the info. I feel it is a STM32 config/driver thing more than anything else. I’ll keep looking.

Actually, i’m interested on it too, so if you find something about it, please share with me. :slight_smile:

In the Arduino IDE the settings below work to push code via USB to both the RAK5205 and WisNode. Now we just need to figure out the PIO equivalent settings.

The 5205 shows up on cu.SLAB_USBtoUART
The WisNode shows up on cu.usbserial-144220

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 9.46.27 AM

It looks like there is a discrepancy between the upload tools.
Arduino - …/STM32Tools/1.3.2/tools/macosx/stm32Cube
PIO - …/tool-stm32duino”/stm32flash/stm32flash

Is it possible to use the platformio.ini to point the builder at the STM32 Cube Programmer?
Is it possible to code the RAK811 family with something other than the Cube Programmer?

What worked for me was to change the programmer used when uploading to the RAK devices. The process is documented here: https://docs.platformio.org/en/latest/projectconf/section_env_upload.html#upload-command

On mac the path and arguments are:
/Users/xxxxxxxx/Library/Arduino15/packages/STM32/tools/STM32Tools/1.3.2/tools/macosx/stm32CubeProg 1 $SOURCE $UPLOAD_PORT -s

My platformio.ini looks like this:
[env:rak811_tracker] platform = ststm32 board = rak811_tracker framework = arduino upload_port = cu.usbserial-141220 ; WisNode ;upload_port = /dev/cu.SLAB_USBtoUART ; RAK5205 monitor_speed = 115200 upload_protocol = serial upload_command = /Users/xxxxxxxx/Library/Arduino15/packages/STM32/tools/STM32Tools/1.3.2/tools/macosx/stm32CubeProg 1 $SOURCE $UPLOAD_PORT -s

Happy coding

Hi @megaplow,

Sorry, i have few experience on PlatformIO and Mac, so that i can’t understan what you said very well.
Do you mean that you have done RAK5205 + PlatformIO + Mac successfully? and what you said it the tutorial about how to do it?

I will write up a tutorial once I get done with my current project.

Hi @megaplow,

That will be great!
I will be the first student and fans. :wink:

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