RAK5205 Power consumption too high

Hello again)
Set power save mode by at+ps=0, and now at time interval have stable 1.7mA.
But where 16uA specified in all documentation, at all promotional pages??

16uA specified in all documentation

I think this is completely false and RAK does not want to do anything about that and continue to sell their product as low power even if they are not!!!

Hi, all

Actually, we’re working hard to develop a whole new firmware for RAK5205 recently, and i trust we can release it next week. So far, we’ve got a low power consumption which is less than 20uA in our test when it work in sleep mode.
Please wait for our new firmware.:slight_smile:

Fomi, is there any news about new firmaware?

Hi @mykhalych90,

We’re still testing the new firmware of RAK5205, i think it may take 1~2 days more.

Hi @mykhalych90,

I’m sorry for late, because we met several difficult issues, but now, we’ve fixed them.
From now on, please ignore all old version firmware of RAK5205!

I’m glad to tell you that my team has just released an entirely new firmware for RAK5205 Wistrio, V3.0.0.2.
You can find the firmware here:
“.H” means high frequency, and “.L” means low frequency.
This is the ChangeLog of this firmware:
It is really an improvement for using, especially on power consumption and customization.

You can use this firmware according to the new document:

It’s very good! Thank you for reply.
I am already download new firmware. But now I see that only one packed sending.
Tell me please, how I can to decode the payload?
There are no decoder in instruction.

And one more queston.
Can you explain this chapter?

This mean that ultra low power consupmtion possible only when GPS is OFF??? So we are buying ULTRA LOW POWER GPS TRACKER, but we can use it in LOW POWER mode only without GPS?
Explain, please this issue.

Hi @mykhalych90
Packet are in Cayenne LPP.
This is what you see in TTN , with Cayenne payload format.


Hi @mykhalych90,

As @velev said, RAK5205 will send one packet which includes all sensor’s data in LPP format.
About GPS, i mean that you must close GPS function firstly if you want RAK5205 to work in a sending loop mode, send a packet then go to sleep for some time, then wake up and send a packet before it goes to sleep again…, otherwise, RAK5205 will still work in this sending loop mode, but it will not go to sleep. Why? Because GPS will take a lot of power consumption, once RAK5205 goes to sleep, we must close GPS, when RAK5205 wakes up, we must open GPS again. But when we open GPS again after RAK5205 wake up, it will search satellite for almost 20~30s so that RAK5205 will wait for 20~30s and send a packet with GPS data, then go to sleep for some time… then wake up and search satellite for 20~30s again…
So i think it is not a good idea to wait 20~30s for searching satellite every time, especially in this 20~30s, there will be a lot of power consumption.

But if you also want to let RAK5205 go to sleep without closing GPS, just don’t use sending loop mode.
You can use <at+set_config=device:sleep:1> to let RAK5205 work in sleep mode.

@Fomi, thank you for your reply.
I understand your explanation about GPS work process.
But the problem that I want to use GPS tracker for loop sending GPS data.
The previuos firmware had a good feature where I could to set time for waiting GPS data. And this was cool feature. If I set for example 1 minute and if there are no GPS data, then packet still send but without GPS info.
And I thought that work principle still the same. I turn on device, it looking for some time for GPS, then send packet, then go to deep sleep mode for some time, then wake up and again…

I want to use RAK5205 as stand alone device in RAK outdoor box with solar panel, without external control for sending AT commands each time.

OK @mykhalych90, i see.
I’ll think about your usecase, and i can release a new firmware for RAK5205 next week which will improve some features for this usecase. :slight_smile:

Hello! @Fomi
How are you? Is there any news about new firmaware?

Hi @mykhalych90,

Yes, we’ve released a new version firmware for RAK5205 to modify the GPS issue you mentioned.
The new firmware is here:
and the document:

I’m so sorry that i forget to tell you this news in this topic.

Hello @Fomi!
Thank you!
Now it’s good. Time for finding GPS at open space it is near 30s.
But I see some bug in payload packet. It’s contain GPS (if it’s have been found), battery voltage and air pressure from BME680. For my purposes it’s ok, but where other data from sensors (temperature and humidity from BME680 and accelerometer data)?

This is payload with GPS: 01 88 xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx 08 02 01 68 06 73 26 e9
And this without GPS: 08 02 01 68 06 73 26 e8

Hi @mykhalych90,

I’ve written a document to show the decoder of RAK5205’s packet payload, please have a look at this document:

I’m sure that the payload includes all sensors’s data.

About the payload you show, i think you need to check whether BME680 and accelerometer are inited successfully? Also you should check that whether the payload is cut because the current LoRa payload ability is too short?

@Fomi, Thank you for reply.
Yes, I have read this manual.
This is screen from TTN, and you can see that it is all payload that comes from RAK5205:

And this is from Rak Serial Port Tools, you can see that BME and LIS3DH init success:

Hi @mykhalych90,

Can you show me the log from RAK Serial Port Tools after you set the following AT command?

@Fomi, hello.
This is screen of sending at+get_config=device:status:

Hello @mykhalych90
It seems that LIS3DH is disabled. And BME is in strange mode. Please re flash both boot loader and firmware and try again.

Todor Velev