RAK5205 Power consumption too high


The user guide says that the RAK5205 has a minimum power consumption of 14.5uA.

I have measured the power consumption on my new RAK5205 loaded with the latest firmware ( but I cannot get the value indicated in the user guide.

I have measured the power consumption using a Nordic Semiconductor Power Profiler Kit.

If I zoom on the lowest power zone, I get only an average of 1.5mA.

My node configuration:
app_interval = 180
gps_stime = 60
msg_confirm = 0
power_save = 1

Could you confirm that it is possible to reach 14.5uA using the firmware?

Hi kastayou,
What‘s join mode that you set? If OTAA mode ,The node need to join the OTAA succesful before it can enter the sleep mode.So I suggest you set ABP mode to measure the low power consumption.

It was in OTAA mode and I am not sure if the node had successfully joined the network during the measurement. I will redo the measurement.


I have redone my tests in OTAA and I made sure that the node had successfully joined the network.

I have the same results than before (1.5mA in “sleep mode”).

Could you please confirm that the firmware can reach 14uA as advertized ?

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Please, could you tell how to achieve the low power values indicated in the datasheet?

The power consumption is a critical parameter for a tracker. 1.5mA is not something that can be called low power.

Thank in advance for your feedback

Hi @kastayou,

Could you please tell us more about your measurement setup:

  1. Are you powering the node via the USB port or via a battery?
  2. What is the Nordic Kit setup exactly?

Could you please update the Firmware to Version


Hi Hobo,

The node is powered by the Nordic Power Profiler Kit and power is provided in the battery power input…
The Power Profiler kit is the exact same product used by RAK:

More information in this video:

Have you tried firmware and can you confirm that with this firmware it is possible to reach 15uA in sleep mode?

If not, can somebody form RAK tell us what was the setup used to measure the 15uA?

so nobody is able to confirm that the 15uA given in the datasheet is reachable??? :confused:

Hi @kastayou,

We have no way to measure this. We are waiting for our current ranger should be here next week hopefully. I have been wanting to rest the RAK5205 and other nodes we have for some time. Will update you as soon as we got any results. Will take some time though.


Thanks Hobo for the update

I will wait for your feedback.

If somebody else did power consumption measurement, I would be curious to get the results too.

Hi ,could you tell what is your setup. Do we need nRF52-DK board. How to connect Gateway with the profiler.Please provide a connection details.

Hi Tikiarya,

Who are you talking to? It is not clear. It is also not clear what you are trying to do.

Do we need nRF52-DK board

What are you trying to do? If you want to measure the power consumption profile of a node, the Nordic power profiler kit is a tool that can be used to do that. It is easier to use if you have also an NRF52-DK

How to connect Gateway with the profiler

Why are you talking about a gateway?
This post is about the power consumption of the node.
If you are trying to measure the power consumption of a gateway, please open a separate post. The power profiler kit is only able to supply 3.6V max that migh not be suitable for a gateway.

@kastayou, thanks for your reply. I am trying to measure current details during transmission and reception of node and gateway.

Ok, I understand we need an nRF52-DK board.

Hi Hobo,

Any update on this?

What kind of power consumption are you measuring?

What is the configuration used to reach the 15uA indicated in the datasheet?

Hi @kastayou,

Yes we indeed measured it. The measurement was not done by me (this makes it even more reliable), but I am confident that the consumption was around 1.6mA and this is the lowest we are ever going to get, as this was in sleep mode. The 1.5uA is for the STM32 chip itself I believe and are not possible with the combination of components and firmware that is the RAK5205 board. It might be possible, but not with the knowledge and tools we posses. Perhaps someone from the RAK team knows more :slight_smile:
By the way this is what we used for our measurements:

Ok so the measurements confirm my findings done 2 months ago.

So the situation is:
The datasheet says

Could you clarify if you are a RAK staff?
If not, is it possible to have an explanation from RAK about how to achieve the performances indicated in the datasheet?
I think you can agree that the power consumption is a key characteristics and there is a huge difference between 15uA and 1.5mA.


Given your last feedback, it looks like that the performances of the RAK5205 are worst than the previous version :confused:

I am pretty annoyed by this situation.

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Hi @kastayou,

I do not speak on RAK’s behalf, at least not in this case. The power consumption findings are my own, again not done on RAKs behalf and are not a representation of what they have or have not bee able to accomplish. It might be indeed possible to achieve the consumption, however I am not able to. That is how it is. And I agree power consumption is key, however in a node with so many sensors, I would not expect it to ever be really low :slight_smile:

Perhaps @Fomi could assist with a more detailed explanation on how to further improve power consumption. I believe he is best qualified to help both me and you :slight_smile:


however in a node with so many sensors, I would not expect it to ever be really low
That’s why I am reading the datasheet of the products I want to buy to know what I am buying.
I can see on ali express that it is still advertised to consume 16uA in low power

I will wait an official feedback from @Fomi or anybody from RAK.


Yes Iam new but follow this too, I want buy batterytracker with lowpower usings

Any new news about this problem?
I have time interval 4 minutes, wait for GPS 1 minute, and I see that power consumption is 30-40mA. And no any ultralow power. Sowtware the latest from github
I think that all time interval device must turn off all sensors and go to sleep.
How can I set that mode?