RAK5205 stops sending with solar


I’m testing RAK5205 for about one month on long terms. It was working without any problems until I have connected small solar panel. Now device second time stops send data and this happens second time in 3days. Devices start working normally after connection to USB so I cant do any debug with it.

I’m using fw version:
Solar panel parameters: 5V 40mA
The only setting I have changed was gps timeout from 60sec set to 0sec to save battery as I do not use GPS.

When you connect the solar panel, is the battery connected? From your description, the board may have been restarted due to a lack of power supply.

Yes it is connected. Solar panel charges battery. Graph of Voltage bellow.

What happens then solar panel output drops to lower voltage value then battery voltage? Is there any affect to device battery?

Maybe there is some recommendations regarding solar charging?


Is there any update as I must get ready working device until spring for agro clients. Thank you.

After you stopped sending, did the board restart or stop without any response?

I can not tell you that as after I connect it to USB device start working again.