RAK5205 two weeks of test: some questions/problems

(claudio roberto machado da rosa) #1

I bought one RAK5205 in the enclosure in the The Thing Conference at Amsterdam. I am testing for couple of weeks. Some impressions:

  • I am not sure if the root cause is the GPS internal antenna, but with box stopped at same place the GPS is showing differents positions with, sometimes more than 200m of diferences between location points
  • At night, after a sunny day, I mean sun enough in the solar panel to charge a LiPo 1100mAh battery, the battery charge don´t support the operations more than 3 hours. In the next day after the sun back to solar panel, the box don´t turn on automatically. What I know about LiPo that they should operate under 3.0V if you want a good battery life.
  • I am using TTN with Cayenne integration and I can´t find the battery charge level information or something related to battery.

I think that RAK is making their products better day-by-day. My suggestion is a better and clear manuals and a better logic distribution of the content in the Github. I am still looking for the payload documentation.

Could you help me to clarify my doubts?


(Fomi Tong) #2

Hi, @crmrosa

Can you take a photo for your RAK5205 device and upload it here? I want to confirm about its antenna.
Thank you!

(claudio roberto machado da rosa) #3

These are the photos:

(Fomi Tong) #4

Hi, @crmrosa

Please check this tutorial for the payload format.

(claudio roberto machado da rosa) #5

Fomi Tong,

Do we have any documentation about the RAK5205 payload format?

I found the Battery Level at Cayenne payload format as “analog value”. I understood and I rename it to Battery Level :blush:

I would like to thank by your support.


(claudio roberto machado da rosa) #6

And about the GPS antenna that you ask me a Picture?

(Fomi Tong) #7

There is a document for payload RAK5205 format.

About GPS antenna picture, we’re checking.

(Christopher Misola) #8

We’re experiencing the same problem with our devices, we tried swapping Wistrio’s GPS Antenna with RAK LoRa Tracker and we have the same result, there’s a difference of 200-400 meters.