RAK5205 - V3.0.0.6H - no full serial comms

Recently updated firmware from to
(the change log has not been updated past!!)
Yesterday I successfully connected to a local TTN gateway and received some packets.
No success joining today, distance from the gateway I think BUT that is not my problem

When I push reset on the RAK5205 board I get the usual start up message :-

RAK5205 Version:


Selected LoRaWAN 1.0.2 Region: EU868
BME680 init success.
GPS Init OK.
LIS3DH init OK.
autosend_interval: 600s
Initialization OK,AT Uart work mode:normal mode, Current work_mode:LoRaWAN, join_mode:OTAA, Class: A
OTAA Join Start…
[LoRa]:Join retry Cnt:1


That is all it will do until is fails - or succeeds to connect.

I cannot get any response to “at_version” or any other command for that matter.

My comms works fine and V3.0.0.3H did not have a problem with responding although I have found some of the RAK documentation details command sets that no long work - a little frustrating!

How do I kick the RAK5205 out of its desire to OTAA Join until such times that I command it?



You try to send this command and see if you get any response?


No reply to any commands and not even an “AT error” type of response if I type in any old garbage.


When updating firmware, this BootLoader also has a little change, you have to re-burn the BootLoader, and then to burn write firmware, specific operation, please refer to

Ok, I have sorted it but do not understand why - maybe you can help

I used two different terminal emulator programs on my MacBook then I used TeraTerm on my Windows laptop and all three would not respond as I described even though I ensured that CRLF was added to any string sent to the RAK5205

I then installed RAK Serial Port Tool on my Windows laptop and now it responds.

What control characters does the RAK serial port tool append to the command string if not CRLF - I thought \r\n was the same thing as in 0D0A in hex?


You can try add “\r\n” after AT cmd ,e.g.“at+version\r\n”.

Think I have it sorted
It is nothing to do with the CRLF ending it seems to be related to the speed individual characters are sent.
Putty, Tera Term (both windows) and CoolTerm (Mac) send each character as you type.
YAT (windows) lets you type in a line then send - just like the RAK comms program.
Then it works.

There must be some timeout issue with the input string parsing that doesn’t like human typing speed type gaps in characters - most odd