RAK5205 with RUI: rui_i2c_rw( ) and I2C address size


I’m facing an issue with RAK5205 after adding an I2C EEPROM of 2Mbit. If I am not wrong, the RUI API rui_i2c_rw() is using fixed I2C address size of 8 bit, causing wrong memory accesses to my EEPROM device (that needs 2 bytes-addressing).
The solution I’ve found is to bypass RUI layer and use native ST HAL functions (HAL_I2C_Init() and HAL_I2C_Mem_Read(), but I don’t like it much.
Any more elegant solution? Any possibility of adding an additional parametr on RUI I2C API?
Thanks for support,

Hi @crosadini
Sorry.Currently only single-byte addresses are supported, double-byte addresses will be added later.