Rak5802 with t312h sensor

Hello! I am using Rak 4631 and rak 5802. Whenever I connect the rak4631 to the computer, I can see the device on the device manager. However, when I conect the rak5802 to the wisblock 4631 and then I connect it to he computer, I don’t see on the device manager, so I can’t flash new firmware to it.
Could you help me with my problem, please?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Jacob_Ortiz_IOTF ,

It seems there is a hardware/module interconnection related issue that causes the RAK4631 not to be detected.

  1. What are the modules connected to one another? Is it only RAK4631 and RAK5802?
  2. Can you to upload a basic sketch like LED blinking on RAK4631 without RAK5802? Then after successful LED blinking, if you connect the RAK5802, does the blinking stop? I am thinking if the code execution is halted if RAK5802 is connected.
  3. Is there an external sensor/device connected to RAK5802 than can potential drawing large current?
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Thank you very much, for such a quick response!

1.- Yes, the modules connected are RAK4631 and RAK5802.
2.- I succesfully ran a “Hello world” and a blinker program on the RAK4631 without the RAK5802. But whenever I connected the RAK 5802 to the RAK 4631, both programs stopped working.
3.- Currently, there is no sensor connected to the Rak5802. However, I am supposed to connect the T312h pressure sensor.
Could you help me with my problem, please?

Hi @Jacob_Ortiz_IOTF ,

The issue can root from either boards. The easiest way to identify the cause of the issue is to isolate it by using each board to a known working module. Do you have extra WisBlock Core and RAK5802? If you have, does the response also same? If you do not have extra board, it will more challenging to find. Some questions that might be helpful.

  • What is the VDD when the two board combine? Is it still 3.3v?
  • Are there no physical issue on the boards? Like on the connectors?
  • If it was working before, can you recall the last things you did before the issue occur?
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Hi @carlrowan Thank you very much for your response. Unfortunately I only have two wisblock core with the rak4631 and one RAK 5802. They both have the same response. Without the Rak 5802 the ran the blinker and the “hello world” program.
Even though, they stopped running the program when I connected the Rak 5802 module, their VDD was around 3.2.
I don’t see any physical issue on the connectors. They click when I connect the Rak5802.
Last time I was using the Rak 4631 modules, they worked smothly with LoRa and BLE antennas.
Is there anything else I could do to pin down the problem, and solve it if possible?
Thanks in advance.

If both situation happen on RAK5802 with two different core, then the probable root cause is from that module or the base. Can you confirm that no modifications are done on RAK5802 and baseboard? Also, there are no other modules connected to the baseboard when you connect RAK5802+RAK4631? If you can send me top and bottom photos of baseboard and RAK5802, that will be better so I can have a look.

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Both bases haven’t been modified. I send the photos so you can take a look at it. Thank you very much!!