RAK5811 0-5V module

So, I want to read the voltage generated by my solar panel. When I place my voltmeter across it it reads ~4V (in glorious sunshine of course), however when I wired this into the RAK5811 module (+ to A01, - to GND), and I upload the RAK5811_0-5V example sketch to the board, it reports

-------average_value------ = 0        
-------voltage_sensor------ = 0.000000
-------depths------ = -1435 mm    

Has anyone been able to successfully use the RAK5811 module? Are there any tricks that I’ve missed?

So, I’ve found the problem… it turns out that if one uploads the sketch to the correct board, and then also connects to the correct board’s serial port then one will receive the expected readings!!

I had a second board connected to the PC at the time, and it seems that my sketch was uploaded to that board, and when Iopened the serial port, I was also connected to that board :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

Make sure you are connected to the equipment you believe you are connected to!!


Hello @billr
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I tested RAK5811_0-5V sketch using RAK5811 and RAK4631.
I don’t have a solar cell available so I used VBAT and 3V3 pins.Yellow wire is VBAT and red wire is 3V3. Note that the voltage must not exceed 5V (Analog Input Interface 2 channels of 0-5 V)

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thanks for that @marcio, but if you had just read the second post in the thread, you’d see that it was all my own fault for not actually programming and connecting to the serial port of the board I thought I was using :joy: :rofl:

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