RAK5860 energy turn on

Hello guys,

i’m using a Narrow Band IoT module (RAK5860) in combination with a dual IO base (RAK19011) and getting energy through the 3V3 and GND headers on the base board. I’m sending and receiving AT commands trough the micro-USB connector on the RAK5860 and not using a microcontroller cause I’m making consumption measurements in order to test PSM and eDRX.

As I can see, the module needs to be turned on using a microcontroller and changing pin WB_IO1 like you said in the examples

// Module slept, wake it up
digitalWrite(BG77_POWER_KEY, 0);
digitalWrite(BG77_POWER_KEY, 1);
digitalWrite(BG77_POWER_KEY, 0);

So I want to know if there is another way to turn it on without the use of a microcontroller cause I want to make some current consumption measurements only with the modem and not with a microcontroller onboard (I know I can take the microcontroller current consumption and subtract it from the total consumption but I would rather prefer not to do this). Right now what I have to do is: put the microcontroller on board, put the RAK5860, energize and wait for the microcontroller to turn on the RAK5860, and finally take out the microcontroller which is kind of annoying and also can lead to a 40 pin connector broken x.x

Once I finish all my measurements, I will proceed with making tests with a microcontroller.

Hope you can help me, thanks in advance!!

Welcome back to RAK forum @HeldersX ,

You can use the IO1 pin since it is where the POWER_KEY is connected.

You can access on the header pins of the base board.