RAK5860 Needs several times a hard reset to reestablish Serial1 communication from RAK 3172

I have notice that RAK5860 works well for sometime, but when an error occur in any AT Commands, it seems to block itself, and there is no response from RAK5860 to RAK3172. Until I press the reset button for at least 2 secods aprox, then the at communications works again. Sometimes even to module does not responds to ATI, I have tested in at least 4 modules.

Could you help me with that? even it is difficult to access to the reset pin without pressing the reset button, for example if i would like to reset from other microcontroller, i have no pin.

Note: I am also using a 2gen Wisblock base board 2nd gen

Welcome to the forum @cdgonzalez

How are you powering the WisBlock and the RAK5860?

The cellular module needs always an additional battery connected.