RAK5860 Unvarnished Transmission

Hi, I am running the unvarnished transmission example. Everything worked including the “ATI” command sent through the code. But the commands I manually input in the serial monitor does not appear to have been picked up by the program and instead returns AT_COMMAND_NOT_FOUND. Appreciate all the help!

Here’s my setup:
Base: RAK19007
Core: RAK3372
Wireless: RAK5860

Welcome to RAK forum @spacefarers .

By default, the Serial of RAK3372 works for AT commands. The AT_COMMAND_NOT_FOUND that you see is not coming from the Quectel module but from the RAK3372 AT commands replies.

You have to disable it.

Just modify the initialization of UART by disabling the AT Commands using CUSTOM MODE.


Also, take note that every reset, the RAK5860 will be turned on and off (depending on the last state). So make sure it is turned on by checking the LEDs.

If all works well in your setup, you should be able to send the AT commands for the Quectel modem like this. I am using here a RAK3372 Core so it should work fine to you as well.