RAK5860 WisBlock NB-IoT Interface Module


I have issues to run Cellular examples. I followed all instructions but Serial1/BG77 is not recognized/responding.

What I’m doing wrong ?

Any suggestion are very welcome.


Hello Zoltan,
When you start the examples are the LED’s on the RAK5860 lighting up?
The Blue LED should be on all time.
The Green LED should be blinking?

No Sir.

On the RAK5860 I have NO ligths on !
I tried the examples with two different modules and same situation I got.

Do you get any output on the serial? You should at least see the first line:

11:14:02.648 -> RAK4630 Cellular TEST With CHINA UNICOM NBIOT sim card!
11:14:06.655 -> BG77 power up!
11:14:07.142 -> 
11:14:07.142 -> RDY
11:14:07.142 -> 
11:14:07.142 -> Quectel
11:14:07.142 -> BG77
11:14:07.142 -> Revision: BG77LAR02A02
11:14:07.142 -> 
11:14:07.142 -> OK
11:14:07.142 -> 
11:14:09.643 -> 
11:14:09.643 -> APP RDY

On the serial I have only this:

16:25:05.767 -> RAK4630 Cellular TEST With CHINA UNICOM NBIOT sim card!
16:25:05.767 -> BG77 power up!
16:25:06.287 ->
16:25:08.787 ->
16:25:11.288 ->
16:25:13.742 ->
16:25:16.257 ->
16:25:18.758 ->
16:25:21.278 ->
16:25:23.746 ->
16:25:26.248 ->
16:25:28.739 ->
16:25:33.687 ->
16:25:35.697 -> Begin receive packet from www.baidu.com!
16:25:45.447 ->
16:25:46.484 -> Begin receive packet from www.baidu.com!

For some reason, the RAK5860 it’s not recognized…
I tried the second example “BG77_Unvarnished_Transmission.ino” and same situation I got.

Long shot and I hope I am wrong.

Can you change in the example code
#define BG77_POWER_KEY 17
#define BG77_POWER_KEY 4

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Hi Sir

SOLVED !!! I reasembled the modules and checked all the screws and the RAK5860 was recognized. Somewhere it was a contact issue…

Sorry for your time spent with this crazy issue


It’s one specific order of sensors and slots ? I observed, my RAK5860 not recognized if I install 3 axis sensor at different slots. Can be one software/hardware conflict between sensors and RAK5860 ?

My actual working configuration is:
Slot A -> RAK1906 Environmental sensor
Slot C -> RAK1904 3 Axis sensor

If I move RAK1904 sensor from Slot C to Slot B, the RAK5860 NbIot not recognized anymore by the system !

Hello Zoltan,

The problem is that there are only a limited number of GPIO’s (IO1 to IO7).
Sensor slot A and B use both IO1 and IO2 (in case of RAK1904, they are the interrupt lines of the sensor).
The RAK5860 uses IO1 as the PWRKEY.
So you cannot use Sensor Slot A and B with some sensor modules together with the RAK5860 in the IO slot.