RAK612 Slow Blinking 4 Red LED Lights

Hello! I am currently working on RAK612 LoRa Button. We managed to make it work before (from “boot mode” to receiving data transmitted by the RAK612 in our backend server). However, recently, when we press any button, all LED lights start to blink slowly in color red (not as fast as the blinking for “boot mode” indicator).

I am not sure what do they indicated, since the documents (https://downloads.rakwireless.com/en/LoRa/RAK612-LoRaButton/) and a quick web search does not state what they mean exactly; in the documents I was able to see the fast blinking red LED lights for boot mode, and that’s about it.

I would appreciate any help regarding this. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hello @waki_voxp

This blink seems like device reset procedure.

Maybe something in code makes the button restarts after key pressing.


Hi Todor!

What code are you pertaining to?

I got the device working just now, but what I did was to run a new gateway within my vicinity. No change in anything since the last time that we managed to make it work.

Is it possible that the reset procedure is triggered when the button is not within range of any gateways?



Hi @waki_voxp,

When RAK612’s 4 red LED blink slowly, it means that RAK612 try to join, but it can not join successfully, then RAK612 will join again and again…
When you change a new gateway, RAK612 can join successfully. That’s why it don’t blink.

Thank you Fomi! :slight_smile: