RAK7200 firmware upgrade failure


I tried firmware upgrade for RAK7200 using the RUI_RAK7200_V3.1.0.9_release.bin file.
But the STM32CubeProgrammer tool showed “Error: Operation exceeds memory limits” popup after erasing flash memory.

It seems that firmware file size(196640 bytes) on your web site is greater than the flash size of STM32L073 MCU which is 192 Kbytes.

Can anyone help this issue ?

-rw-r–r-- 1 chyi chyi 196640 9월 30 18:14 RUI_RAK7200_V3.1.0.9_release.bin
-rw-rw-r-- 1 chyi chyi 87950 10월 2 16:20 RUI_RAK7200_V3.1.0.9_release.rar


You should be using “RAK LoRaButton Upgrade Tool V1.0” to upgrade the firmware. “STM32CubeProgrammer” is just for upgrading the boot loader. You need to issue the “at+set_config=device:boot” command before upgrading the firmware.


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Hi, Charlie ~

Thank you so much.
I solved this problem using "RAK LoRaButton Upgrade Tool V1.0” tool.

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I was trying to do a firmware upgrade a RAK7200 now, and I also ran into issues because the firmware file is larger than the available space. I followed the instructions from

which seems to be outdated.
Burning only the bootloader using STM32CubeProgrammer worked. Now I need to find the LoRaButton Upgrade Tool you are talking about.

I found the RAK Wireless Firmware Upgrade Tool, tried it on Ubuntu and Windows, but on both I get a timeout:

I tried manually using dfu-tool and dfu-util, but neither wants to program the RAK7200 either.

A serial terminal at 115200 baud prints out only the following when I reset the device.


I found a different firmware upgrade guide on TTN’s docs:

They link to a upgrade tool here:

This tool seems to work.

I think you may need to use the old version of the updater. Give this a try:



Thank you very much, I was stuck with the time out message with “RAK Device Firmware Upgrade Tool v1.4” but it works with “RAK LoRaButton Upgrade Tool V1.0” :+1:

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