RAK7200 GPS Accuracy

I have 10 RAK7200 GPS LoRa device upgraded with latest firmware.
I am getting GPS accuracy about 500 meters which is not acceptable.
Need help, thanks in advance!!

Hi @Aks666
Please give us more info: bootloader version, firmware version, in what mode you are using the device and GPS(sleep, GPS timeout, etc…). Do you make test outside or in building. Where you get the GPS data: TTN, Cayenne?


Sleep is disabled, gps timeout 100 seconds, testing outside, Receiving data on TTN and also Cayenne LPP is applied in integration.

I have been investigating the accuracy of the GPS data sent by RAK7200. As a result I found that the GPS coordinates sent to server has only 4 digits precision. For example: 11.5759,104.8778. Whilst, google map uses 7 digits precision (11.5759251,104.8778539). If you put these together you will see the problem as 11.5759000, 104.8778000 is not the same location as any of these 11.5759XXX,104.8778YYY. If you need to have an accurate location you should not precision omit any decimal precision in GPS coordinate data. I am quite sure that this could be solved by updating the firmware code.

you’ll need to set it to 6 digits

see RAK7200 node, GPS tracker