RAK7200 GPS no sleep

How do I set the RAK7200 to send every X seconds but not put the device or just the GPS to sleep?

The GPS takes too long to lock, about 50 seconds(cold start).

I want to do some range tests and don’t want to wait so long.

I use : at+set_config=lora:send_interval:X:Y now, but this puts the device in sleep, even if it is just one second.

I am far from any other traffic, so not interfering with anyone.

Once a GPS has performed a cold start, it will have a few days worth of the ephemeris downloaded and should be able to fix within a few seconds because it will know what to listen for.

The only way to see this happening is to get a long serial lead or a laptop and do this outside. Any attempts to get a quick fix inside a building or a mobile faraday cage (car) is pointless. Car dashboard with a non-heated front windscreen is OK.

It’s not just the radio waves - and LoRa can go a long long way, it’s the back end infrastructure to consider as well.

I have the same problem. The transmission is successful and immediately goes into sleep mode. It will try and wake up but takes at least 30-50sec. I can’t map this tracker because it goes to sleep, by the time it wakes up I’m 3 turns into a different path…

This is not the tracker you are looking for.

LoRa transmission duty cycles will make it very hard for you to send turn by turn movements. This sort of tracker is to know where something is, not what path it is taking.