RAK7200 has spurious fields

Issue: Temp and Barometer fields are always zero



Details: The Firmware inserts Temp and Barometer fields into the LoRa payload, but since the 7200 doesn’t have those sensors, those fields are always zero. Useless widgets show up on my Cayenne dashboard. How do I remove them?

Dear Toddkrein,
Do you need these parameters?When you read the data, are all of these arguments zero?

Nicholas, I need them to be removed from the LoRaWAN payload. I do not need these sensors added to the RAK7200

Dear Toddkrein,

Did you add it this useless Temp and Barometer fields by yourself?You can immediate delete it by Cayenne dashboard button.

Best regards!

Nicholas, I have deleted the fields, but as soon as the 7200 sends the next packet, those widget was recreated. Cayenne is very “helpful.”

Dear Toddkrein,

Can you send me data matter from TTN.

Best regards!

I’m happy to help, but I’m not sure what you’re asking me to do. Can you say more, please?
I don’t use TTN, but rather Chirpstack, if that makes any difference.

Dear Toddkrein,

I only want to get data matter,For example, the following data.