RAK7200 - how to open the box

Issue: I suppose that the battery is dead. I would like to know how to open the box?



Details: I think that the RAK7200 battery is dead, but I am not seeing any way to open box. Could you help me?

My RAK7200 came with the battery and top disconnected so I could connect the battery before using the 7200. The case is snap fit. Applying strong pressure to the base near the seam allows me to open the case. Be careful of the LoRa antenna and wire which are attached to the top. Here are some photos to help you decide on the best method for opening the case.

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Thank you Jason! :grinning:

A strong pressure beside of the battery, and it was enough to release to lock. As you said, the battery comes disconnected. Now it is working fine!
![How to open the RAK7200 case - battery charge|690x434]

Well, what I know about Lithium batteries, it is that each cel must have at least 3.0 V. The RAK7200 has 2.4 V, maybe it can be damage in the charge capacity. Let´s see what it will be the charge behavior.

Anyway, thank very much by your help.

Happy new year!



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