RAK7200 join fails

Issue: Join fails


Server: TTN v3


When the AppEUI is 0000000000000000, which is the default for TTNv3, the RAK7200 thinks that the AppEUI is not configured, and does not want to join.

That’s not really a “default” but a “not set yet”

Do not try to use that value, create an Application with a proper unique EUI and assign your nodes under that.

Well, TTI disagrees with that. See their comment:

So unless RAK provides an AppEUI they tell one to use 00.

But apart from that, 00 is still a valid EUI, and the RAK7200 should still try to join. It is therefore a bug.

Also, ChirpStack recommends using 00’s:

Nothings is saying you have to use a value of all zero’s only that the server software will accept such a value.

But it’s terribly bad advice; that number is meant to uniquely identify a particular Application. Set it to something long and at least somewhat random, not all zero’s.

So unless RAK provides an AppEUI

Since you recognize that the end device could dictate exactly what the AppEUI must be, then there shouldn’t really be any issue with one that merely dictates that it be nonzero.

Eg, if someone patched the code to force a value, that would satisfy your complaint… but it wouldn’t really make any practical improvement, but only impose an unnecessary limitation.

Yes yes, ok, but let’s focus on the main issue here, not your or my opinion.

The RAK7200 does not want to join if the AppEUI is only 00’s.

Since it’s perfectly legal for an end node to dictate anApp EUI, there is in fact no actual issue with one that dictates that the AppEUI be non-zero.

Just imagine the node code has been “improved” and you are now required to use the particular value 0000000000000001 - as your own quotes indicate, this is legal and the server software will accept it.

Though personally I’d chose something more unique.