RAK7200 Lora Tacker GPS don't working

I have a Rak 7200 Lora Tracker,
I configured it according to the guide provided by RAKwireless. I have the BOOT “RUI_S76G_BOOT_Version3_1_1.bin”

and with the firmware “RUI_RAK7200_V3.1.0.11_Release.bin”

These are the latest versions available, the connection to the gateway is ok, but the GPS does not work. The following error appears
“FAIL.The Satellite signal not found!”
I walked with him in several places, went on higher floors and open places and it didn’t work.

Hi @jeduze
Maybe the search time for the satellite is too short, you can use this command
modify it to 100s at+set_config=device:gps_timeout:100. then use at+get_config=device:status query gps_timeout parameter if config success.

I had put 60s.
I went out into the open and it worked sometimes.

Hi @jeduze
Satellites are usually searched in about 50 seconds. Turn up the time as much as possible. The search will be end and won’t be over until 100 seconds.

I understand, now it’s working. Thanks

BTW, from my personal experience, this tracker GPS sensitivity is not that good compared to a RAK5205 with its antenna, that is able to work inside buildings, as opposed to RAK7200.

I also had GPS only bluetooth trackers that were more sensitive

Say more about this, please