RAK7201 Briked after firmware upgrade

Issue: Device stuck/bricked after firmware upgrade.
Setup: RAK7201 V2.00
Server: Non relevant

After an upgrade of the device made with the RAK Device Firmware Upgrade Tool v1.4, it’s not booting anymore and stay with the button 4 in light blue.

I tried to :

  • Reboot with long press button 1
  • connecting with a terminal and send at+get_config=device:boot (no answer)
  • remove the battery cable during 10h
  • re launch the upgrade process (even if the button 1 is not available)

Do you have any solution to turn it back ? Or do i consider it as gone ?


Hi @agd,
Where did you get the firmware from (that you flashed via the DFU tool)?

Hi Nicola,
Thank you for answer,
it is this one here


Well, this is the proper release. Could you describe to me the exact way that you flashed it?
Have you stooped/ canceled the process of flashing with the DFU tool?

  • Start the flash app,
  • place the device in openmode ( long press on button 1)
  • connect usb
  • select com port in flash app
  • select file
  • start the upgrade
  • arround 80% device switch off ( presumed reboot)
  • button 4 light blue on

One important detail (perhaps) : I’m on Osx Mac and i run the app in a paralells desktop windows instance.

Any possible process for having the device back ?
I’ve read some information about JLink, do you have any documentation for that, if it match ?

The problem probably comes from interrupting the process of flashing.

Maybe, but the device it self made the reboot without manual intervention.
Is there any possibility of restoration ?

Hi Alexandre,
Check your dm.

Hi Nikola,
Looks like I am in the same boat with a bricked RAK7201.
I have a JLink to reflash the firmware if that’s an option.
Thank you for any advice!

Hi @mikelebon,
I am sorry for the late reply. Could you describe to me what happened to the button and how did the button ended bricked? Also are you sure that the device is bricked?

Best regards