Rak7201 button does not respond to send commands

I have a brand new rak7201 button and am trying to get it online onto chirpstack
I was successful in getting the rak7205 online with otaa. no such luck with the 7201

Unfortunately, while i am able to get receive events from the button, I am unable to send any
at commands such as version,status, restart etc
Do you know why this is?

When I press button1 for example, I get “KEY1 Fall” followed by 8 AckTimeoutRetries

Looking forward to some timely help on this blocking issue. I do not see a reset button on the rak7201

Thanks in advance

Notice: at present, RAK7201 only supports the EU868/US915 band

Different frequency bands need to burn different bin files before they can be used. Could you please tell me the frequency band you use?
Reference documents:https://github.com/RAKWireless/Get-start-with-RAK7201
The AT command used by RAK7201 is somewhat different from that of RAK7205, and the AT command used is explained in the document.image

Press and hold button 1 until button 4 lights up. That turns on the serial port.

Hi Nicholas,
I did manage to get the rak7201 by long pressing the 1Key. I bought a 915MHz button and so I hope I dont have to reflash it. I am unable to join the RAK7201 button to my local chirpstack 7244C lora gateway . Similar to the RAK7205, I am assuming that the app_eui is not used and that only dev_eui and app_key are used .
Anyone have success pairing the RAK7201 with chirpstack ?

You can try using the ABP mode of chirpstack to send data on US915.

I got the 7201 ABP mode working and am receiving events on chirpstack now

application/5/device/60c5a8fffe7763c3/rx : msg.payload : string[406]


I get data of “AQ==” , “Ag==” , “Aw==” , “BA==” when i press buttons 1 2 3 4 respectively

Is there a codec js file to decode the 7201 data to json similar to what you showed me for 7205

Thanks for your timely help

In the same way, data is viewed in device data. Since RAK7201 only sends the number of the button, it only displays 01, 02, 03 or 04 after decoding.

Is there any way to get battery voltage or remaining battery life on the 7201?

This feature is not currently supported for memory reasons.This is V1 RAK7201 4key button, and we’ll release a V2 4key button several weeks later which uses SX1262 and a new MCU with bigger flash size.

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