RAK7201 EU868 optional channels problem

Issue: The sensor doesn’t accept LinkADRReq maybe because of CH_MASK rejection

Setup: Our Network Server insert the LoRaWAN additional channels 867.1, 867.3, 867.5, 867.7 and 867.9 in Join Accepted. RAK7201 speaks using all channels but when Network Server sends LinkADRReq device rejects it.

Server: A2ASmartCity PtNetSuite Network Server

Details: The device doesn’t accept the DR change via LinkADRReq
This is the LinkADRReq: 60 2a 44 69 02 85 02 00 03 51 ff 00 01 4f a2 cf b6

The LinkADRReq work only when CHMASK is 07

How can I fix that?

Thank you

Dear Lucagroppelli ,

Could you tell me when you buy it?

This summer, from CELTE. On board there is SX1262 and the FW version is V3.3.0.14.beta4

Hi @lucagroppelli,

Try to use the following AT command to set the frequencies by yourself:

Before that, you can use this AT command to check the state of every channel: