RAK7201 LED control

Is there a way to control the LEDs on the RAK7201 remotely? I’d like to use them as status for the devices controlled by the button.

Hi @toddkrein
Currently, LEDs do not support remote control, because remote control requires downlink data. Currently, RAK7201 buton only supports uplink transmission. If necessary, modify the code.

Is that the Button_4Key repository? Which IDE was used to compile the code?

Hi @toddkrein
This is the address of the code https://github.com/RAKWireless/Button_4Key

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IDE can choose TrueSTUDIO,IDE download link https://atollic.com/truestudio/

This is V1 RAK7201 4key button, and we’ll release a V2 4key button several weeks later which uses SX1262 and a new MCU with bigger flash size.

Understood. Thanks.

Please let me know when it is available

OK, we’ll work hard to release V2 4key button ASAP :wink:

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