RAK7201 - Missing documentation


I recently received my LoRaWAN button model #RAK7201 and I am having trouble configuring it.
After looking into the docs, I cannot find a reference to this model. This seems to be a new version of the RAK612.

The RAK612 doc does not seem to apply to the RAK7201.

Will RAK provide the necessary documentation and firmware for this new version soon?

Thank you for the help.


You can refer to this address to configure RAK7201.

This link no longer works.
Is there someplace else I can find this document?

Here is a copy of the requested document:

That button uses CH341 USB to serial chip, you can download drivers from manufacturer website

The UART is by default disabled, so it will not accept serial comands until you turn on UART. To do that you have to keep pressed one of the buttons(i don’t remember exactly which one, please try one by one) until a red led turns on.

Dear Mike,

I’m sorry, I made a mistake. Maybe you can try the address and check the document:
GitHub - RAKWireless/Get-start-with-RAK7201: Get start with RAK7201

Best regards!

Hi @xinumike sorry for this misunderstanding. You can find the documentation for the WisNode Button 4K (RAK7201) here: https://docs.rakwireless.com/Product-Categories/WisNode/RAK7201/Overview/#product-description
Here is the link for the latest firmware: WisNode Button 4K(RAK7201) FW.