RAK7201V2 and RAK7289V2

Is the RAK7201V2 WizNode can be directly connected to the RAK7289V2 Outdoor gateway? If so, what is the maximum connection distance given that the Wiznode is situated in an urban area within a house?

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Just to give a idea the distance, in most of the case, it is not the problem, we already have available in the market, LoRa satellites take a look in the Lacuna Space site: Lacuna Announces the Successful Commissioning of Their IoT Gateway Technology on OneWeb Satellite – Lacuna

Some time ago, in the Europe a group did a test with a Helium balloon and when the balloon was 12 km height, the LoRa Radio signal was receive in 720 km.

In normal conditions, we can consider, in open space, I mean without obstacles, until 15 km and with a high density building, 2 km.

The point of attention must be the right antenna choice: ominidirectional or directional, depends on where is the target that you want to reach. The antenna gain should be enough to compensate the lost with all elements (cables, connectors/adapters) in the connection process from LoRa Gateway and Antenna.

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Appreciate your thorough and prompt response on my question.